Santa's Magical Gift
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A New Christmas Tradition

Encouraging parent and child interaction, reading and writing, and creating a family heirloom, Santa's Magical Gift is a Christmas experience that will keep giving throughout the year, year after year.

A Family Heirloom

This is a gift that keeps on giving. Over time you will see the years of wishes grow within your child's Wish Book. This will create a memorable record of what your child wanted for Christmas each year. Take it a step further and write about the clues and antics from each adventurous search, and collect and keep those clues in the Magic Box. Imagine looking back at this magical collection of memories!

An Amazing Story

As you read and listen to the poetic story of the child's dream, you will begin to understand how this interactive new Christmas tradition will bring wonder, joy, and cherished memories to your family.

The storybook describes a child who, while dreaming, goes to visit Santa at five minutes till midnight. While there, Santa gives the child Magic Box, in which is a magical Wish Book. Santa then gives instructions to the child: Each year, prior to Christmas, the child writes their wishes into the Wish Book, and places it back into the Magic Box. When the child awakens on Christmas morning, a clue from Santa is found in the Magic Box. The clues then lead the child on a journey to find their gift from Santa.

A Holiday Adventure

The clues change from year to year, providing instructions as to how and where the child will find his or her gift from Santa. Santa's clues (or maps) are generally found written on a piece of paper with red crayon as Santa can be very creative when creating clues and hiding gifts. The first clue is placed in the Magic Box when the child awakes and opens the now glowing box with the bedside. The wonder of a child takes over and the journey of finding the gift comes to life.

Not only is this fun and interactive for the entire family, it also gives your child the satisfaction of finding his or her own gift from Santa, And, as always, Santa is watching...

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